2006 Toyota Prius 80k miles

The "Pruck" ...or is it a 'Baja Prius'?

stock number 160

Located in southern Indiana about 70 miles south of Indianapolis

AutoBeYours is the name of the company

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We specialize in Prius cars only

Located at 861 South Gardner Scottsburg IN 47170

(30 miles north of Louisville Ky and about 75miles south of Indianapolis In.)

2 or 3 minutes from I- 65


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The Pruck now has been on the road for over 3500 miles,

Here is a photo of Me and Chelsea Sexton ( from "Who Killed the Electric Car?") at the Green Car Expo in Madison Wi. July 2010


this photo was during the X-Prize competition at MIS in June 2010




work in progress 3-25-10

test fitting the interior, notice the rear hatch door will not open all the way

Yes, there is Steel underneath.

before photos:

A steel roll-around table supports the new rear clip during construction.

Before the paint was finished, next to what is now Jerry Asher's Prius Conv.

Steve Woodruff ( AutoBeYours),Todd Barlow ( Green Motors), and Jerry Asher (EV Jerry)

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Good   bad
4 wheel disk brakes




Dual Fuel


Phev ready..truck suspension in rear    
functional rear camera and rear defroster    
more photos on our file folder webpage    



the 04 slideshow

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Q What kind of Gas mileage does it get?

A. 40.8 mpg easily before a PHEV conversion

note: switching to mid to upper grade Gasoline improved MPG's to 43 plus.

Q why are there two gas doors?

A. The left side is a charging port.