How to get 100 mpg out of your Prius

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Prius Hi Speed Stealth conversion information

We specialize in Insurance salvage Prius cars

Frequently Asked Questions:



  • Do you modify existing Prius cars that haven't been crashed with a larger NiMh battery pack?
  • Yes, or Lithium,
  • How far will it go on a charge?
  • That depends on speed, 10 miles to 40 miles depending on the Size and Chemistry of the new pack
  • How much does it cost?
  • new info The new AutoBeYours battery pack for 9995
  • why the large price difference?
  • the least expensive PHEV kits (from Enginer) add additional current into the stock pack via an inverter..this does not allow all electric mode at speeds above 32 mph.
  • The kits from Plug in Supply allow speeds up to 52 MPH in all electric mode. ( new info now 70 mph)
  • All kits allow " blended mode" driving with improved gas mileage. Blended mode allows the Internal Combustion Engine (I.C.E.) to assist when needed.
  • What happens when the new Battery pack becomes depleted?
  • The Prius reverts back to original mode just like before the pack was installed..achieving about 47 mpg ( less in freezing weather).
  • Which kit to you Recommend? ( ours of course!)
  • We should talk to determine your usual drive... Are you able to Charge at work?,
  • I need to drive 80 miles one way, how much will it cost to make my Prius go that far on battery alone?
  • More than 21,000. Phev conversions are best suited for commuters until the cost of Batteries comes down.
  • How much is one of your cars plus the PHEV conversion
  • as little as 19,000
  • are there any testimonials?
  • You bet! please scroll down to the bottom of this page, Bill Moore talks about his Plug-in Conversions (PICC) prius

Typical public Charging Station for EV and PHEV vehicles

an ordinary 120 volt outlet will also work.

These two images are the 10KW/h LiFeP04 system from Plug in Supply...the cells are Sky Energy

Notice the Elithion Battery Management ECU ( obsolete)

new info.. Mini-Bms is now available as well

and also the ORION BMS from Ewert energy ( our choice)





PHEV Car number 6 for us click here

See the installation Video on You Tube, click here!

new information! the touch screen shown here has been dropped, in lieu of a smartphone application

...And see part two here

Look! 89.9 mpg! in the past 103 miles

This is a sample li-ion battery management PCB ( from 2006, now considered outdated)

This is simply a photoshop image to illustrate

the second battery pack does not replace the OEM prius battery. (although the PICC system DOES replace the small original prius pak)

new info the AutoBeYours Battery pack replaces the Stock toyota Pack



20 of these equal 5000 watt/hrs ( by comparison to about 1100kw for the original battery)

This image of 2008 PSI Cells..we now use prismatic cells

new information the 2011 version looks like this


new info.. the 2014 version replaces the oem pack and is more efficient




This battery box is sold by pluginsupply

our version is located where the OEM pack was



This shows Canview displayed on a Lilliput Touchscreen

(The Nov 2008 Version uses a simple pair of on/off switches see below)

And the 2011 version uses a smartphone interface!





Steve Woodruff ( and George Gladic




eXTReMe Tracker


Summer 2008

Steve Woodruff and Jerry Asher with the Spirit of DC click here to read about Jerrys' nationwide travels!!

This Black 2007 is the 7th PHEV we have converted.( DEC 2008) visit Kents blog here about his PHEV


  • Remember to allow that Catalytic Converter to warm up before driving!
  • It really is better for the environment! no kidding!





Welcome to the Plug In Hybrid Page



  • Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles are called PHEV'S
  • Prius PHEV's cost about 55cents to recharge
  • A better Lithium Iron Phosphate ( LiFeP04) battery pack is about $10900. and lasts 10 years.
  • Your car will get 80 to 120 MPG when the extra battery pack is charged.
  • How long the charge lasts depends on how fast and how long your drive.
  • typical results are ~40 miles
  • You can also drive our PHEV converted Prius cars at speeds up to 75 MPH
  • contact us 812-820-5050





All electric Prius Nov 2008

Demo of the all electric prius (new battery charger soon to arrive)!


Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved.


We install new circuit boards,

the first " phev mode" will spoof the state of charge and force the prius to get 80 plus mpg even at highway speeds

the second " Hybrid energy manager"

( new information rebooting not required)

when the extra pack becomes depleted the prius resumes factory behavior and mpg

How far you get depends on the kilo watt/ hour rating of the pack. A prius will travel about 4 miles per kw/h therefore 10 kw/h pack will go 40 miles.

You would expect 20 miles, perhaps much more, of 100 mpg driving between charges.


Kim Adelman ( plugin conversions)( now closed) and Steve Woodruff


Indy's partnership and AutoBeYours PHEV's






streaming audio EVcast

Just adding another battery to a Prius will not gain MPGs, many have tried.

There is an open source discussion at instead the Prius computer must be fooled into believing the state of charge is higher than it has

(calculated, counted or otherwise measured) this is done by adding a microcomputer with custom software.

After doing this, we discover that the car will get incredibly high gas mileage....but only while the added battery pack is charged....

which leads us desiring about 5kw minimum of added storage capacity

and shortly thereafter the desire to charge that new battery pack and shortly

after that the desire to charge it without destroying that new expensive battery pack

which leads us to wanting a battery management computer.( BMS)

but the BMS we buy must be programmed for the chemistry of pack we have chosen ( lead-acid, nickel metal hydride, or lithium iron phosphate, or whatever)

NiMH weighs more thatn Lithium Ion

Force = mass x acceleration

Work = Force x distance

Power = Work / time

/\Energy = Work + Q (delta heat)

Excerpt from EVworld April 2010

Upgrading LIVN GRN Kim Adelman and Mike Dibble flew in from Chicago Saturday morning, where I picked them up at the airport. They had just done an install of their Prius plug-in conversion kit on a car in the Windy City. They would spend the weekend with Judy and me -- attending the event in Lincoln -- to do several upgrades to our 2009 Prius conversion, LIVN GRN. The first upgrade was installation of a set of buttons that now allows us to control the mode in which the car is operating: normal Prius hybrid mode, all-electric mode, and blended plug-in hybrid mode. Prior to the buttons, I had to connect my MacBook laptop and run a Windows app in VM Fusionware to change the settings, which is defaulted to short-range PHEV. That mode allows us to drive up to 20 miles in blended PHEV mode, usually resulting in fuel economy ratings of better than 100 mpg. The medium range mode increases that to around 30 miles, while long range can be upwards of 40 miles with fuel economy falling in the 75 mpg range. Each mode makes a little more frugal use of the battery and little more use of the Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine. The second upgrade was to PICC's software and consists of three separate patches to improve the performance of the system. The third upgrade was to replace the small accessory battery charger with a more robust one. To test the car, we put Judy in the driver's seat and had her take her normal route to work at Omaha Steaks, with one important difference. Kim had her immediately put the car in EV-mode after it started and we drove the first mile and a half at the setting. Then before we got to the hill she climbs every weekday, Kim had her push the PHEV button. This causes the Prius engine to turn on and warm up the catalytic converter. Once up the hill, Judy put the car back in EV-mode. We drove the rest of the two miles to her office and then, all in EV-mode. The results were astounding. The computer showed that over the 11-mile trip, the car got 468 mpg! Here's the rationale behind Kim's strategy: it makes more sense to burn the gasoline the Prius uses to prep the catalytic converter while moving than doing it parked in the driveway or driving out of the subdivision at 25 mph. When you do it at 40 mph, your effective fuel economy goes from near zero to better than 70 mpg. I captured this all on video and I'll try to post it online in the near future. This is really cool stuff. Kim and his colleagues have done a remarkable job of making an already potent system even better. Check them out at Plug In Conversions Corporations. Until next time, stay plugged into EVWorld...



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