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May , 2019

We are located at 861 S Gardner St. Scottsburg, Indiana 47170

now two locations

812-752-5050 click here to find our email address

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Rebuildable 2006-16 Prius

All our repaired Prius cars come with recent fluids change. We guarantee our cars will not have any trouble lights or leaks and will have been aligned.


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Cash Price, repaired

All Include 12 month warranty*

Newest to Oldest



Color / interior Title

Backup Camera

previous Damage


2017 RAV4 Hyb



lot drives

repairs complete, going to painter now




(when repaired)





not leather

from NJ

willbe Indiana rebuilt


front collision

easy fix

good bags

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2017 Rav4 Hybrid here now!


(when repaired)

compare to 30k

7908 white

from Ohio

will be Indiana Rebuilt

yes rear collision

stock 0364

2017 RAV4 hyb XLE

here now

frame work complete


compare to 27395

1399 miles white from new jersey all rav4 hybrids are all wheel drive front collision


2017 rav4 hyb limited

here now

radiator support as been replaced

going to painter soon

24995 24k miles magnetic gray from MO all rav4 hybrids are all wheel drive Deer collision

stock 2926

2017 RAV4 hybrid limited expected completion march 7

compare to 30834


15k miles white

from NJ

will be indiana rebuilt title


rear collision

good airbags


2016 RAV4 hyb



at the painter




compare to 31000

9108 blue

from Ia

will be Indiana rebuilt

yes front collision

stock 5680

2016 Rav4 HV LIMITED

at the painter

drives now

frame work complete!


low 20's expected

27k white

from Va

will be Indiana Rebuilt

yes collision


2016 RAV4 Hybrid Limited


repairs almost complete





20161 miles blue / leather

from Pa

will be Indiana Rebuilt title

all wheel drive easy front collision

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2013 prius Vee


back from the painter!

package 2



make an offer!

73k magnetic Gray/ gray cloth Indiana rebuilt yes deer collision


2012 mitsubishi



electric car

here now

runs and drives,

great for electric hot rod transplant

2995 the way it sits

drive it home!


will be a 24 inch streach " camper prius" 2013 prius v being turned into a "woody wagon" 19995 70k black Indiana rebuilt   rear damage

gensets for sale


two sizes available!

30kw mep805a




click here for 10kw mep803a


3500 or 6500 dollars each




low hours



no damage

runs well



notice this page will not be updated beyond December 2017

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2006 pruck   12995          


2009 Prius Limo

or "Primo"

package 6

with seat heaters and dual DVD players

also courtesy lighting and lit exterior door handles


back from the painter

6 door limo

44k NA spectra blue/ gray leather Indiana Rebuilt
Coming soon! Easy to use inventory page you may sort by age, mileage, or price. stay tuned!     Sorry,no credit cards accepted for vehicle purchases      

parts cars

prius VEE

parts for sale

click here for Vee photos

parts cars

also VEE package options

parts cars prius V          

we have a good selection of great used prius's



stock number 1551 Florida

2008 Saturn Sky  

3200 before repair


    florida COD title   flood damage


custom vehicles all the way at the bottom of this page


NEW! We offer prius battery pack repair! only 775 new lower price!

with exchange

notice this page will not be updated beyond December 2017

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NEW! We offer prius battery pack repair! only 775



all cars carry some sort of a warranty unless a cosmetic issue is specifically excluded

warranty excludes rock chips


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Photo Gallery

now three pages

photo gallery of past cars before and after repair
Please note vehicles must be paid for via guaranteed funds such as cashiers check or wire transfer
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These are vehicles in progress and are listed here to allow the new owners to watch the repair process

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Sold Vehicles..

For the new owners to keep informed as to the progress

ODO Color / interior Title




2015 tacoma


parts located in silver


( 6000 less without airbags)

32k silver indiana rebuilt ( from texas) yes rear


2009 prius

the Streamliner

package 2


" Drake-O"


127k black/ Tan interior

court order Indiana title

former Kentucky

y ez front

1959 chris craft

1959 constellation            
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Custom vehicles available

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Price, repaired

Includes 12 month warranty!

Color / interior



338 Primo 3

2006 prius

leather loaded

back from the painter!

we call it " supremo"


seat heaters

see the youtube video! just look up prius limo



now finished!

white/ gray leather Indiana rebuilt  



disclaimer required

the second Stretch Prius.. the" Primo"

2007 white limo prius


new photos

click here

or search Prius limo on Google

we drive it everyday

two avail



yes camera 6 door with leather
Indiana rebuilt

60k miles



new photos! Aug 2016

1955 Thompson Boat, with Prius running gear


" Wont Float"



December 2014 fun project

for sale 22900

yes, camera   Indiana Rebuilt 3.3k its a prius under a 1955 thompson boat



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